Pediatric Dental X-Rays at Helotes Children’s Dentistry

Digital dental x-rays are valuable diagnostic tools that allow us to uncover many dental problems in their early stages when they are the easiest to treat. At Helotes Children’s Dentistry, we utilize state-of-the-art x-ray equipment, designed with your child’s safety in mind. We look forward to working alongside you to ensure your child enjoys healthy smiles for years to come.

Digital Dental x-rays are a component of preventative dentistry used to help uncover conditions that we cannot see during a clinical examination. They allow us to discover early gum disease and tooth decay on or in between teeth, along with examining the health of baby teeth and teeth that are yet to erupt. X-rays help us evaluate the condition of the bone and to plan for orthodontic treatment.

Digital dental x-rays deliver a vast amount of information that helps us design treatment plans for healthy smiles during a child’s critical growth and development years. Identifying and addressing dental problems early on is easier for your child, and may prevent the need for costly, complex treatments down the road.

Pediatric x-rays have been shown to pose a minimal risk of causing any adverse health effects, and their benefits outweigh any potential risks. At Helotes Childrens Dentistry, we are proud to utilize state-of-the-art, low radiation, and high speed digital dental x-rays. We adhere to the recommended precautions, with your child’s safety as our top priority.

Dr. Renee T. Mikulec

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